Enjoy our life-enhancing applets or make your own.

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If you want to check the freshness of fish, spot counterfeit medications, LinkSquare can help.

If your imagination and passion are bigger than ours, you can even make your own applets.






Basic Plus Package

Get LinkSquare to scan and discover things around you! Pair your LinkSquare with the LinkSquare app to use life-enhancing applets.

Want to collect spectral data yourself? Get LinkSquare Basic for the software to create your own database, on top of the LinkSquare app.

You want to make your own applet? Create your own database with the software, and make your own DIY applet at a server usage fee.



(coming soon)

Spectrometer Package

Basic Package

Basic Plus Package


Spectrometer Package

Basic Package


The LinkSquare spectrometer is a smart handheld spectrometer that will be a unique addition to the spectroscopy industry for its significant innovation in performance, cost, and size.

The current version of LinkSquare (LinkSquare 1) utilizes diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and detects 400–1000 nm of light with the optical resolution of about 10 nm, while having achieved 114.0×23.9×23.9 mm (4.5×1×1 in) in size and 57 g (2 oz) in weight.

You can take LinkSquare anywhere with you, to your kitchen, to your shopping trips, to the outdoors, to wherever you need for simple and easy analyses of things around you.

Hardware specs







450 nm to 1000 nm

57g / 2oz



Battery (Active)


Battery (Idle)



~1000 scans

~48 hours

MicroUSB cable


The LinkSquare app was specially designed to bring the best of LinkSquare to everyday life.

Paired via Wi-Fi with the LinkSquare spectrometer, the LinkSquare app provides a wide range of life-enhancing applets to check the freshness of tuna/salmon, identify the cocoa level in different types of chocolate, verify whiskey brands and much more.

Check what applets we have to offer right now by downloading the LinkSquare app from App Store or Play Store. New, fun applets to be added every month!

iOS 10.0 or higher is required to install.

Android 5.0 or higher is required to install.



Coming soon

Demo Video


Software specs

Operating System

Windows 7 or above

File Output Format

CSV or binary

The software boasts itself as a fast and convenient spectral data collection tool when paired with the LinkSquare spectrometer.

Built to create custom databases, the software helps you collect and view the spectral data of whatever matters to you.

You can convert the collected data to the format of your choice and export it to third party software for analysis. Of course, you can maintain data ownership.


Making your own applets can’t be easier! Once you have collected spectral data from your samples to create a database, you can upload the database to our machine learning server.

Our machine learning server provides a DIY applet creation tool by analyzing the samples of each item, distinguishing spectral features, defining spectral identity, creating a database, and making an applet that can be downloaded and viewed as an applet in the LinkSquare app.

Literally, the only limit is your imagination.


  •   How can I download the LinkSquare Basic software?

    You can download the software from the link provided in your order-related emails.

  •   Where can I find my LinkSquare Basic product key for installation?

    You can find your UDID for your LinkSquare Basic in the included Quick Start Guide.

  •   What kinds of data do you get from the collection tool?

    LinkSquare Basic provides both raw and pre-processed data.

  •   Why do you do data pre-processing?

    Pre-processing minimizes measurement variation and reduces noise.

  •   Does LinkSquare Basic come packaged with any data analysis software?

    No. You will need your own tools, such as Excel or MATLAB.

  •   Does Stratio provide any data-related services?

    We do not provide data-related services to individual LinkSquare Basic users. However, we do work with enterprises or groups in search of custom database solutions. Please see our Enterprise page for more information.

  •   Does Stratio have access to any of the data I collect with LinkSquare Basic?

    Stratio does not have access to, or ownership of, any of the data you collect with LinkSquare Basic.

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Enjoy our life-enhancing applets or make your own.

Enjoy our life-enhancing applets or make your own.

If your imagination and passion are bigger than ours,
you can even make your own applets.

Product packages


iOS/Android app

Software for
collecting spectral data

DIY applet creation

Have a question?
Send us a message!